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What is a Kosher Animal?

What is a Kosher Animal?

This is an article that I shared on the site a while ago on the “articles” section, but was not given any exposure as the site doesn’t promote the “articles” section.

In any case the article can be found here, enjoy!

This article is a refutation of a pamphlet that was written to try and depreciate the words of our sages, ob"m. The source can be found in the document, however, as is readily apparent in the refutation, to the unlearned and/or unmotivated person, or for one who is unskilled in learning methodologies of the Talmud and our sages, who will not do more than read the poisonous words of the site that is quoted I would suggest NOT TO READ MORE ARTICLES FROM THAT SITE. With HaShem's help, I will slowly release more articles as time permits, to help people to understand how false and totally misconstrued the author/s of the site are.

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