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Rabbi Shlomo Ben Ze'ev, (aka Aaron Cowen) born in Boston, Mass. USA. Parents, Dr. F. Cowen M.D. and E. Cowen, MSW. Both parents grew up in assimilated Jewish families.

Moved to Atlanta, Ga. where my father got his first job as a resident. My mother worked at the local Jewish Federation. It was there that my parents became friendly with local Jewish couples, who convinced them to send us to the local Jewish day-school, the Hebrew Academy of Atlanta. It was there that I finished elementary school.
After becoming religious my family moved to Israel in 1984. I was far from religious at the time.

I finished high-school at Yeshiva Neveh Shmuel, Efrat, Israel. I was accepted into both the ROTC program with the Israel Defense Forces (electro-optics engineering) and also to the IDF air-force. I had every intention to be a pilot.

I then decided to try to figure out why my parents became religious, and deferred my draft for a year, attending Yeshiva Ohr David.

Long story short: I decided to become religious, and to continue my studies in a Hesder Yeshiva, Yeshiva Sha'alvim

I finished my army service and decided that I was going to use the rest of my time in my Hesder service well. It was at this point in my life that I really started to learn seriously.

After a year and a half, having decided that I wanted to continue my Jewish studies, I met and married my wife, Julie. After marriage, I also joined the degree program at the Israel Torah Research Institute at the ITRI Yeshiva, in Jerusalem. It was there that I finished a BA in Hebrew Letters and an MA in Talmudic Jurisprudence. Much later I also finished a B.Ed. at Michlala, Jerusalem.

In addition, I have rabbinic ordination (semicha) from the Rabbanut ha'Rashit (Chief Rabbinate of Israel) Yoreh-Yoreh, semicha as a Sofer STA"M and a magiha from Va'ad Mishmereth STA"M and I am also an ordained mohel (perform circumcision).

Having come from a non-existent Jewish background, I always was interested in THE QUESTION: is there a G-d or no? Is religion true (and if so, which one), or not?
It is quite natural to believe in what our parents and/or society do, but there comes a point in life where our very nature forces us to question everything that we grew up with - is it, or is it not true?
I spent many, many hours reading on this topic. Listening to the voices, claims and proofs FOR the existence of G-d, and the counter-claims and counter-proofs that were brought as well.
I thought about them long and hard. I weighed the claims and the evidence. I made (and am still making) lists, trying to organize the materials and the topics until I arrived at a clear, logical, organized argument that presents the evidence FOR the existence of a Creator, while addressing the counter claims of those who are against.
Thus destroying the claims of the Atheist.

I then present a clear, logical, organized argument as to WHO THE CREATOR IS, to understand that He knows you, despite your minuscule size relative to the universe, and where it is possible to find His word.
Thus destroying the claims of the Deist.

In addition, I explain what makes the Torah, (aka the "Old Testament" of "the Bible"), different than every other "holy" book in existence. How we can know that the Torah, both written and oral, are the word of G-d, passed down to us from Sinai, with no compare.
Thus explaining why Judaism is the One, True religion with no compare.

In the third book (presently being written) I try - with HaShem's help - to address the "other" question that is ever-present "What am I here for?"

There are, with HaShem's continued help, many other books on the way.

At present, I teach at Yeshiva Ohr David (www.ohrdavid.org), lecture under the auspices of Nefesh Yehudi (www.nefeshyehudi.co.il), and am the father of many children, including one daughter who has CP from birth.

For more info about Rabbi Ben Ze’ev check out my LinkedIn page.

Also, read my blog post about my journey to emunah.

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