Rabbi Shlomo Ben Ze’ev, formerly Aaron Cowen of Atlanta, Ga. Rabbi, teacher, Sofer STA"M, mohel, author, dynamic lecturer and more!

A little about my Education and Certification

Jewish Degrees Ordination as a Sofer STA"M (Torah scribe) and Magiha from Va'ad Mishmereth Stam 1996 Rabbinical Ordination from the Cheif Rabbinate of Israel 2000 Ordination as a Mohel (Jewish Circumcision) - Cheif Rabbinate of Israel 2010 Secular Degrees BA and MA in Jewish Letters from the Institute of Torah Research Center, Jerusalem, Israel 2003 BA in Education at Michlala, Bayit V'Gan Jerusalem, Israel 2014

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I moved to Israel (against my will) at the age of 13, finished high school, and went on to attend several Yeshivot. I also served in the IDF as a foot soldier.

I learned in Yeshiva for 14 years, during which time I received semicha from the Chief Rabbanut of Israel.

I have worked as a sofer stam (Torah scribe) for 24 years, and as a mohel (Jewish circumcision) for the past ten.

I have extensive experience as an educator, having been involved in both formal and informal education for over 20 years. I have taught in many yeshivos (Sha’alvim, Orchos Chaim, Migdal Ha’Torah and Ohr David) on a broad range of topics on both beginner and advanced levels, and in the IDF I created educational programming for the Nahal Haredi/Netzach Yehuda army program.

I have also been involved in lecturing in various venues, most recently under the auspices of the Nefesh Yehudi outreach program here in Israel. Lectures are on a broad range of topics, from those covered in my Core Emunah series, to all sorts of topics that touch upon science and the Talmud/halacha, machshava (Jewish Thought/Philosophy), and more.

I have always been an avid reader and try to utilize the gifts that HaShem gave me bring people closer to HaShem and His Torah in whatever I have done.

Above all, I value and cherish Torah study. I have merited to sit and learn in-depth for many years, and I pray to HaShem, master of all, that I should be granted many more to continue to do so. I plan on sharing on this site many articles that I have written up on all sorts of Halacha and Gemara related topics (in Hebrew).

In addition to all the above I am a husband and father, which are my most important relationships in which I always try to invest and develop.

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