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Not only live — 40% There!

Not only live — 40% There!

Sorry. Not false advertising. I’m just hoping that we reach this before I go to bed in 20 minutes. I’m quickly posting (before going to bed) with news as to how proud I am of our Yeshiva Ohr David alumni and guys, who have really put so much effort and love into helping the Yeshiva towards its goal of raising a minimum of 600,000$ (We’re aiming for a million). 7 hours into the event it has been an awesome experience, reconnecting with our friends and alumni from yesteryear, and working with everyone side by side towards the goal of doing our part in helping Klal Yisroel. I posted the following in several groups. I believe in every word that here:

Help us to help others as we alumni were helped ourselves! With lots of sweat, effort, and tefillos we have begun our alumni/crowdfunding event. This is the yeshiva that I have been teaching at for 7 years. I am also an alumnus and a beneficiary of the goodwill and hishtadlus of the Rebbeim. For every student that goes to a regular American in Israel program, there are another 4 who can’t, because they cannot afford to do so. Ohr David has been there for so many students who couldn’t afford to come. Help us to help those who should be here, but cannot. For every student that comes to a yeshiva, there are many more that are thinking of leaving it all behind. With lots of love, hard work, and prayer many of our students and alumni are committed Jews today, even though they were on the way out. Help us to help our brothers and children. Help us give those Jews find there For every dollar given we get another 3 in matching. Please help us to help others build their future in Klal Yisroel.

We’re still live now for another 18 hours or so. Every bit helps. Please help us to help the future of as many young men as we can. Tizku le mitzvos.

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