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Baruch HaShem! It’s Finally Here!

Baruch HaShem! It’s Finally Here!

It is with great happiness and humility, with loads of thankfulness and praise, that I announce the availability of my new book “Core Emunah Vol. 1: Hello? G-d? An Exploration of Life’s Most Fundamental Question”. She’hechiyanu Ve’Kiyemanu Ve’Higiyanu La’Zman ha zeh!

It can be purchased in print at: or for kindle at: this link.

Baruch HaShem, it is now available both in kindle and print. For some odd reason they are still not linked on my author page but if you search for “Core Emunah” they both come up.

It is for this reason, to finally get the book out, that I have neglected the blog for a while. Please be patient, it will be up and running again soon.

If you have already read the book I would greatly appreciate it if you would please write a review on the book page. Tizku le mitzvos!

I would like to share here the recommendation that I received from Rabbi Ben Tzion Schafier who took the time to read through it and sent me the following approbation:

I just put down Rabbi S. Ben Zeev’s book, Core Emunah, and I must say my Emunah has been strengthened!

With great detail, and through scrutiny, he analyses many of issues affecting Emunah, and clearly, rationally and intelligently he dispels any doubts. Page after page, the case is made case until the reality becomes clear as day, the World itself is the greatest evidence to it’s Creator.

I don’t see how anyone with even a shred of honesty, can go through this work and not come to the conclusion that we live in a exquisitely complex world, brought into existence and kept in existence, by an infinitely wise and great Creator.

If one ever thought that science and religion are at odds, he owes it to himself to read this book.

I highly recommend this sefer for anyone wishing to better understand our existence, and our relationship to our Creator. 

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier

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