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B”H!!!! she’hechiyanu v’kiymanu v’higiyanu la zman hazeh – Kindle – Paperback

The Mishna Berurah (O”C 223:3) writes that there is an argument among the poskim if you can make the beracha she’hechiyanu v’kiymanu v’higiyanu la zman hazeh when one purchases a new sefer, if you have looked forward to it’s acquisition. How much more so when one has – with HaShem’s help – suceeded in producing a sefer. This is a truly happy day for me, I hope and pray that the information in this volume should help anyone who reads it to come to a deeper understanding of the truth and majesty that is HKB”H, and how He is looking forward to a relationship with you.

At the “core” of all of the books that I have written thus far (as I have mentioned, I am, presently, in the middle of writing CE3 and CE4, and translating CE1 into Hebrew) is the desire to help others to properly perform the mitzvah that is emunah. As the gemara in tractate Makkos (24a) says

“Then Chavakuk came and established them on one (principal), as it says (chavakuk 2:4) and a tzadik in his emunah he shall live.

The most important, most fundamental part of one’s life is entirely based on his/her emunah. Yet for some odd reason, people assume that emunah requires no thought, or any deep searching and/or contemplation whatsoever. This makes no sense! How can it be that the fulcrum of our entire lives as Jews, the day-to-day practices and prayers, should be based entirely on unexplored, unknown massorah only?

In this regard I would like to share some tips that I learned from Rav Sa’adiya Gaon, in his book Emunot v’Deot.

!!!! A word for the wise!!!!!

I am not suggesting here that someone should go off on their own and try to make an investigation into matters of emunah without guidance!!!!! There are many people who have done this and fallen on the wayside. The reason for this IS NOT because the information out there is solid. Actually, despite the massive size I find it to be UNDERwhelming. However, as Rav Sa’adiya Gaon writes in his introduction to his book Emunos and De’os, it is because not everyone is trained in the proper practices of logic and proof. In addition, even if one is trained, if they do not investigate fully they are also setting themselves up for failure. Therefore it should be done with guidance.

— Back to the topic at hand—

So emunah, to achieve it’s true potential requires one to spend time and effort, to investigate and to arrive at clear conclusions.

The benefits are immense.

Rav Sa’adiya Gaon writes that one who does this will see a tremendous change in his avodat HaShem, in his yiras HaShem and in his davening. The divedends are great indeed.

I have seen, in my life, how much my avodas HaShem has changed as a result of my investigation (after years of training in how to think, via Talmud learning).

The opposite also tends to hold true as well. Rav Sa’adiya says that sometimes we are carrying around the feeling that what we are doing is fake, which, of course, detracts from our avodas HaShem. This is due to having heard some words of kfirah that “sit in our hearts and stagnate” or even due to haveing heard a weak proof brought by someone trying to improve our avodas HaShem.

What we need, therefore, is a clear, logical way of understanding the issues to dispel any doubts, and show in a powerful way what the emmet is.

I have spent a very large part of my time trying to do this. It has been powerful for me, I hope it can do the same for you as well.

With HaShem’s help CE3 will be about how to make a relationship with HaShem. All of the basic issues, such as:

  • What is life all about?
  • Why am I here?
  • Tools to live a powerful life
  • and much more.

Please read, grow and enjoy!


Thank you.

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