Be”H, Core Emunah 2 Goes Live this Sunday!

To any and all people who have enjoyed my blog so far:

First of all I would like to apologize as I have been ignoring the blog for a long time. Between the guys that I teach in Yeshiva, working on book 3 (and some book 4!), translating book 1 into Hebrew (about 65% there!), some britei mila, tefillin and mezuzot and more… (phew!) I have had to prioritize my time.

Be”H, I will be getting back to the blog soon.

Second, in my desire to create some momentum towards the release of Core Emunah book 2, I have produced a video promo to promote and highlight some of the acclaim of book 1. You can see it here:

Third, Core Emunah one has received a 5 star rating at the prestigious site Reader’s Favorite. The reviews and the ratings can be found here:

Please spread the word! Every person who is exposed to these two books that deal with the fundamentals of the entire Torah have the power to help the modern perplexed to get themselves to the path of the Emmet.

Tizku le mtizvos.


The books can be found on Amazon, at:

Core Emunah 1, “Hello? G-d?” AMZN.TO/2ECWIYE

Core Emunah 2, “G-d & Me” can be found at:


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