A Quick Update on New Works

Baruch HaShem I have been working very hard recently on updating Core Emmuna 1 with more and new information. The cover has been re-done with a professional graphic artist and the book has been type-set anew.

At present I am working very hard to get out Core Emmuna #2 “G-d & Me”, the basic work on the book is finished and with H”h I hope to finish the graphic work and get it out by the end of the January/mid February.

This book talks about question number 2, “How do I know that G-d knows me?” and how are we to truly know what the word of G-d is, (after all, everyone seems to claim having spoken to Him) and how we can know about the veracity and the authority of the holy Torah. What are the signs that they are from Heaven? How do we respond to Biblical criticism? That and more – in book 2!

I am also working on translating book 1 into Hebrew so that it will be available to a broader audience, especially as I lecture to university students together with the great organization Nefesh Yehudi.


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