Core Emunah – Book 1

With HaShem’s (G-d’s) help, I will be publishing the first volume of the Core Emunah series shortly. I am still looking to get some haskomos before releasing the book to the public. Enclosed is a picture of the front cover. Let me know if you think it is need of improvement.

Core Emmuna 1 - front cover - final3
Coming soon to Createspace! (I’m still getting haskamos)

Initial reaction from Dr. Gerald Scheroder, (to whom I gave the book to check out the validity of the science involved). “I figured that I would give it about 20 minutes. Two hours later I picked my head up and only then realized how much time had gone by!”

(He also suggested that I use a little less humor)

Anyway. I LIKE the initial reaction! With HaShem’s help be patient. It’s coming soon.

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